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Jan 26, 2013 11:30am PST
contribution to the united states military and will continue to do so. but the military's first and primary mission to win wars. and to be completely as capable, as efficient and as uber ready as it be be. also don't want to put our women in harm's way. >> i think it's absolutely going to be valuable asset to the military and we've already shown that women are a valuable asset in iraq and afghanistan not just in in ii pri takes or talking to the women. but since there are no front lines they have been out there in the battlefield and they performed heroically. >> all depends on how we're defining combat. they have been in combat support role, that's great. when you're talking infantry, front line, close quarters, special operations, absolutely not. >> some people say that they're ready in combat this is basically formalizing the process to make it official. >> i've been doing a lot of reading on this topic. physical fitness experts say, that what -- most important thing, young women now can become almost as strong as young men. it's a matter of keeping fit, keeping weight off, exercising re
Jan 5, 2013 11:30am PST
difficult physically. i can't do the things that are great passions in my life, you know, my unit is deployed right now and there's a piece of my heart with them and i can't be there. sorry. it's given me a new mission and i get to do this for them. >> she wants to use her political clout to help service people. >> there's so many things that need to be done. i think there's a responsibility to, if we' going to go toar, have a discussion how we will use these men and women. right? they're the ones who bleed. so we don't make decisions to go to war recklessly, we have honest discussions of the cost of war. if we're going to expend our greatest national treasure, it better be for the right reasons. and then they better be well equipped. and then when they come home, whether or not they have visible wounds, we need to take care of them and we need to take care of their families. duckworth plans to make sure deployments are more fully vetted and discussed in the future. >> i think that hopefully i can be a voice to say, well, i'm not weak on defense and i will go tomorrow. i'm still
Jan 12, 2013 11:30am PST
was anomaly, i don't know what you mean by that because he was the first black president elected of the united states of america, a keen awareness and sensitivity the fact that diversity, his diversity and diversity of the american people got him elected the first term and second term. wait a minute -- wait a minute, i just want to put a little bow around this. to say to bonnie's point it looks to everybody particularly women who were outraged in the democrat party that the president saying, hey, women, i know i gave you julia, i made a lot of promises that we were going to take care of from you cradle to grave but i don't care. i think charlie wrangle said, if -- >> let me explain. when i said anomaly that high rate of diversity in his cabinet. we have to remember whether it's obama or bush, right? that everything that's wired against women and we saw it beautifully or terribly in the susan rice situation. it is sexist, what she went through was sectionist beginning to end of story. >> poor judgment. >> i disagree. >> the groundwater in this country, ranked 95th in the world. our groundwater
Jan 19, 2013 11:30am PST
. and that somebody's kids happens to be the president of the united stes and he doesn't even have -- the president didn't even have the discretion not to have his children protected and we would have been appalled had that not been the case. to put the president's kids in with kids who step up and say, i want everybody to know how kids feel about this is not apples and orange, it's a-z it shouldn't happen. >> i want to get -- >> the nra ad has been condemned across the board. >> although their membership has mushrooming -- >> t because of the ad. >> i want to get to the legislation. there's been a lot of talk late this week about the fact that maybe the business is being taken out of the newtown disaster and massacre and that members, that this time the nra will be able to get its way because politicians are already backing down from passing strict gun control measures. >> whenever you talk about the competition, whenever you tack about second amendment it's a passionate issue on both sides. something some be -- should be done, however my thing you lost more people in chicago than the war in afgha
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)